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About E-League

Cricket has not been left untouched in the fast changing world, with traditional cricket giving way to T20 format. So much so that, cricket has lost its old world charm of impeccably dressed players, turning out in all white uniform, playing the gentleman’s game on grassy fields. Purists and traditionalists, however, continue to prefer the longer versions of the game, which, they say, bring out the best in players, and separate the men from the boys. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.


What happens when a group of enterprising executives from divergent fields end up on the same 22 yard strip, purely due to the love of the game? Position, hierarchy, roles and responsibilities are forgotten and the zeal to excel comes to the fore. Passion for cricket has brought together a group of cricket enthusiastist and E-League is the result of the endeavour.


Starting from December 2013, E-League, formalised as a League Tournament of cricket matches featuring full 40 overs a side, continues to attract some of the best cricketing talent available in Odisha. It is a common platform to bring together illustrious players from yesteryears, the present talent pool, the budding cricketers and the executives. It is designed to promote a keen sense of competition and fair play while promising the participants an exhilarating experience.



May the best team win!

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